Behavior differently at bedtime

I need some answers! (And its my choice to co sleep so lets just save the you shouldnt co sleep answers) Lol my daughter has been sleeping in the bed with me since 3 1/2 months old. She slept in her own crib til she got a cold and was up alot during night so I put her in my bed so I could get some sleep and her too. She is now 8months old and haven't had a problem with co sleeping til recently. Just here in the last little bit we've ran into some issues? She's been more clingy like basically have to be on top of me to sleep (put her head somewhere on my body) or has to touch me. She would touch me occasionally through out night but she wants to hold my hands all night long and I like to turn to other side sometimes to sleep. Last night we were up all night long because I would lay her on one side of bed or turn to the other side and she would wake up screaming. Could it be teething? We have been trying to have another baby could she sense something is going on? (Highly doubt that, lol) but Idk her behavior is different lately.