Should I break up?

The other day my boyfriend (who I have been with for 4 years) and I were cuddling in bed when I received a text from a random guy I used to be friends with. He got extremely jealous and irritated and told me not to text him back.

He then starts saying that he never talks privately to other girls, only publicly. He then goes into detail saying a specific girl’s name. He said “I forget her first name, but her last name is ___. She’s always liking all my memes on Facebook and commenting on them, and it’s really weird that she wants to be friends with me when we don’t even know each other.”

I noticed this girl for weeks commenting/liking my boyfriend’s posts and even hearting his pictures he posts of himself. He went to the bathroom so I took the opportunity to look her up since he mentioned her. I noticed that he heart reacted her most recent profile picture as well as liking/commenting on nearly everything she posts even more so than she does to him.

I took him home but didn’t tell him what I saw. When I dropped him off I made a joke that I was going to do some research on the girl. By the time I got back home, he had unheart reacted the photo so I wouldn’t see it. I confronted him about it and asked him why he lied and made it seem like she was weird for liking his photos when in fact he was the one who was doing it the most. He said he only hearted the photo because he feels sorry for her because she is unattractive and because she hearted his photo. I told him I’m not mad at him for liking things on social media, I’m just confused as to why he would lie and go on about how weird the girl is because it makes him look shady.

He called me a psycho and sent screenshots of him blocking her on Facebook and Instagram, something I never expected or wanted him to do, and gave me his Facebook information and told me to message her and ask if he’s ever flirted with her. I wasn’t even mad about the likes, just confused as to why he would try to cover it up if he was doing it innocently. I have been trying to gain his trust back again after he lied to me about taking pain pills a couple of months ago. I had to find out when someone texted his phone about buying Xanax.

This morning we got into an argument about it again because I told him that even little lies are still lies. I asked him why he said she was weird for liking all of his things and he said it’s because the only person he wants liking all his things is his girlfriend. He said he wishes I liked all of his things like she does, and that he likes her memes but not her. He said the only reason he unhearted it was because he didn’t want me to think he was in love with her. I asked him if he feels that way over likes then why would he turn around and do the exact same thing to her and he never gave me a solid answer. I think it is pretty obvious he liked he attention and was being flirtatious with it since he tried to hide it from me. I then noticed this morning that he unblocked her and they were friends again on Facebook and following again on Instagram. She also posted a meme the day we were arguing about how guys scroll past their girlfriend’s photos but heart react other girls pictures.

Am I overreacting? Should I break up with him?

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