I don't want to, but I have to 😢

God I don't even know where 2 start I'm such a mess!. I'm 13 +2 weeks pregnant and after getting up this morning did not expect this 2 be how my day would end. My partner last night lied 2 me but also swore on our unborn child's life. 10 mins later he tells me the truth I was so upset he would just lie on our babies life even tho we miscarried twice last year I just went to bed. I was already up when he came into the living room only to tell me to drop dead and do him a favour and do 1. He hates me and thinks I'm a cheat (I'm not and even paid for a lie detector which I passed) he's calling me every name under the sun (he has always been very very nasty to me) I get up and say I'm leaving as I have done nothing wrong 2 which he pins me down strangled me and put his knees into my belly. After what felt like a life time of him doing this while spitting and calling me names he lets me up. I ran and phoned my parents 2 come and get me as i don't drive and live in the middle of nowhere. At this point he is full of I'm sorrys I love you don't leave me but once I said no it's over I'm going he takes my bank card and leaves to take all the money out. I knew my dad would only be minutes away so I went on my online banking and transferred £40 for myself and left him with £200. My dad comes I leave with my dog and 2 bags of stuff. Since then he has sent loads of vile messages to me so I have blocked him. I'm in bits right now but I know I can not go back and risk my babies life. If he can kneal on my pregnant tummy while strangling and also lie on our babies life I know there is worst to come. I have left him before because of his abuse but always gone back. I just hope I can be strong this time. Sorry for the rant ladies I don't have many friends as he didn't like me talking to other people not even family.

I pray to God to give me strength please ladies put me in your prayers. I need all the strength I can get this time.