I want babies he does not

Hey ladies. I'm here more to vent and maybe get some advice. I have wanted to be a mom ever since I was young. It is something I have always thought about and daydreamed out. I love kids. And I truly felt like my purpose in life was to be a mom, and I could not wait for that day. But, my fiance is the opposite. He has never wanted kids. He has many reasons. But his main reasons are that he holds parents to a high standard. And he does not think he will ever be at the standard to be a parent. The other is money. If he were to have a child he would want to be able to pay for everything for the kid (basic needs, everything they want, a car, college). Now we are both 24 and between the 2 of us right now bring in a decent amount of money. At one point when we talked he said maybe one day. But we would need to talk about things and work on some stuff together. That was fine with me. Our wedding is in 13 months and I did not want a baby right away. But about 2 weeks ago he told me he is a hard no on kids. And always will be. He said if I'm with him I wont be a mom. I love him more than anything. He is so good to me and for me. But this one thing kills me on the inside. Thinking about never being a mom breaks my heart.

Has anyone else ever been in this situation? How did you work through it?