Newborn sleep advice - please 🙌🏼


So I don’t want this to be too long but as some back story, I have two toddlers. I breastfed on demand and co slept with both for a while, so they’d be up eating nonstop every night (although they ate all day as well and i made sure to try and keep them awake during the day so their days & nights weren’t confused as recommended by our dr) anyway, all of my family and friends with kids had decent sleepers, and none co slept. My first didn’t sleep through the night til 10 months & my second didn’t sleep through the night til 18 months and before that he was up every hour on the hour. I know this is normal & lots of babies are poor sleepers, but I feel like I could be doing things.. better, and I want to improve my method when my third gets here. My kids would both fall asleep eating in the same bed with me and that would happen over and over all night. We have a pack n play and we have a dock a tot. I am not opposed to no longer co sleeping if that could be the root of why my kids never slept. I love safely co sleeping and know many do it successfully I just want to instill healthy sleep habits for my third and am looking for suggestions on how to go about a newborn sleep schedule. Again, I know it’s normal for babies not to sleep and every child is different. I just want to try something new and see if it’s a better fit for me. If anyone has any tips or their schedules they’d like to share that would be great 💜