Afraid of miscarriage!!


Hi everybody,

It s my first pregnancy and my husband and I are very excited!!

I am 5 weeks ans 6 days (Amenorrhea Week) and 3 weeks and 6 day (pregnancy week)!

I had a positif degital clearblue test on Aug 19th and Positif blood test on Aug 22nd.

My symptoms were fatigue, increase in the size of my boobs and they were hurting me and my period pain × 10.

Yesterday, I had my first ultrasound and the doctor saw a nice pregnancy bag of 19.6 mm and Vitelline Bladder but the doctor did not see the Embryo!!

He gave another appointment for next week to check of there is a real pregnancy or I ll do a miscarriage!!

I wake up this morning with 0 symptoms I only have light cramps!!

Did anybody experience the same thing!!

I am really sad and disappointed and I feel like there is nothing inside me!!

PS: i donot have any blood spotting