Relationship SOS


**long post warning**

So my boyfriend is currently deployed and things were going smoothly when he first left since we decided to get married when he came home. One day we got into an argument and he called me to say he wanted to cancel the wedding but stay together. At first I was hurt but I worked on getting over it because I love him but then I found out he had been having conversations with his family about cancelling the wedding and neglecting to tell me how he felt so that created some distance.

While I am still trying to get over those feelings, I recently decided that I wanted to move to New York next year to work on my art. He wasn’t exactly supportive and instead asked why I wanted to go so far away just for art. I’m not sure why but I feel like he’s insecure about our relationship and me wanting to travel even though I’ve reassured him I’m not traveling to get away from him but to pursue my dreams. And to make matters worse, certain members of his family talk shit about me and he doesn’t exactly defend me but tells me what they’ve said. At this point I really don’t even want anything to do with them.

I love him but I don’t know what else to do, HELP.