I’m 14. My boyfriend and I would be together for one year in June. My birthday is ALSO in June. (Turning 15). Me and him have been ready. The reason we are both waiting is because

#1 We don’t have condoms yet

#2 I’m currently not on birth control

#3 Well I want to wait because i would like to actually tell me mom that we’re ready. I want to tell her that me and my boyfriend are ready, and have been ready to have sex. I want to wait for her response. If she is okay with it then I want to go on birth control AND use condoms. I don’t want to go with just one and if I have to I would use the condom over birth control.

I want to tell her maybe the end of June or beginning of July so I’m 15 and me and my boyfriend are 1 year together.

What do you guys think?

And I am mentally prepared and so is he. We’ve had many, MANY talks about it. He is very understanding and is very smart. He doesn’t want to have sex without a condom just like me. We are both on the same page, and have been.

Does my plan sound good?

UPDATE: the age of consent in my state is 16. so I guess I’ll just need to wait another year and 6 months.