Asking him about paternity test!?

When I met my child’s father he never informed me that he had a gf and they were expecting... I ended up getting pregnant by him not knowing this (very stupid I know. Save judgement)

Fast forward, I just gave birth to the twins last week, and I contacted him and told him where I am , (which hospital etc) and that I would tell him when they were born if he wanted to visit ) and that I know 100% that they are his (wasn’t with anyone else) I’m willing to confirm this to him with the DNA test he asked for and he said ok.

I told him when they born and he said “that’s good. Any pics” so I send 6 and I told he could come and visit, and that I was leaving the hospital Mon. He looked at the pics and didn’t say anything, I’m so embarrassed already and he asked for pics yet isn’t interested ?? I don’t get it, I’m just trying to do what’s best for my kids.

Anyways I’m just tired of his no replies, lies and disinterest and I just want him to get this paternity test on the road, because I need help even if it’s just financially. I’ve been so sad since the babies (twins) came Friday Because he is busy living his life carefree while I’m literally struggling and trying my best with these two. I’m wondering if I should go ahead and just ask him flat out when this DNA test is happening? And how to say it. I just was gonna say when is the DNA test happening because I need help. I’m just so fed up and overwhelmed and he told me before than he was open to be involved so not sure what the next step is