I'm so confused


Ok so I had bleeding at the beginning of 6wks. It started off light then got heavy like a period for 3 days then back light. It lasted about 8 days. The first day I started the spotting I saw my doctor but she said it was too early to see anything so just wait it out and I got blood work that day then again Friday to see if my levels went up or down. So when I went back my levels had went from 53 to 11. No ultrasound or nothing was done just the results read back to me & he told me I had a miscarriage.

But now for some reason I'm getting nauseated again, lower abdominal cramps, and headaches like I did at the beginning of my pregnancy. I scare myself thinking I can still be pregnant but then I tell myself it's not possible.

Is this all in my head? It's driving me crazy!!! If I am I'd be 9wks. I'm so confused.