Does oral sex really make it more difficult to conceive?


I've read many articles that claim oral sex should be avoided when ttc due to saliva slowing down sperm or damaging them. Sex should be enjoyable when ttc and I enjoy receiving and it's tough to tell my husband to avoid doing that for me but I do so anyways for fear of ruining our chances.

Thoughts on this, true/ false, any experiences you'd like to share to debunk this?

I'm ttc #1 and haven't had any luck in the past 4 months of trying and all 4 months I've avoided oral sex during my fertile window. Now I'm thinking I should quit being so stressed about Do's and Don'ts and just enjoy making love to my husband. TTC can make sex such a chore and now we both just feel tons of pressure to conceive and can't seem to enjoy our time together like we used to. I feel like ttc is ruining our sex life.