The dumbest husband to walk the planet! Funny & possibly TMI

Been on bed rest since the second trimester, which means OH hasnt gotten any in a very long time. (Call me mean, but I hate giving oral. Its just not my thing. Not too mention, not the first thing I wanna do when I've been feeling like crap for 4 months straight)

So last night, I'm out cold asleep. Haven't gotten a solid nights sleep in months, but last night, I was out. 9 months pregnant and this man not only decides to WAKE ME UP, but wakes me up at 1 am! For sex!

He wakes me up massaging my back, so your irritated, but at the same time, work those knots honey lol So he was kinda smart there. Then he proceeds to lay his game down and I quickly get the hint, that he wants anal. #Facepalm

Call me a prude if you want, but hes always wanted this and I've always turned him down (because... OW) So in 8 yrs we've never done this or come close.

So now im in a marital dilemma lol - for 4 months my hubbys been running the show. Taking care of me, the kids, the house, dinners, running a business and doing it all wo anyone lifting a finger to help. So in reality, ok maybe he deserves it. (BUT OW!) So I caved. I took a deep breath and took one for the team. Lol

But here's where he gets stupid, (bc obviously hes been pretty smart in his plan so far), after all is said and done, he just rolls over, and goes to sleep! This was a huge thing i just let him get away with and he offers no oral, no relief for me (hey hes not the only one who hasnt gotten any lol) doesnt finish my back massage, doesnt even SNUGGLE! Lmao wham bam thank you mam!

So you've just woken up your sleep deprived, sex deprived, moody, hormonal pregnant wife, made your dream come true at her expense and your just gonna roll over and go to sleep!? Lmao nuh uh!

Guess who got new bedding for the entire house today? Lmao - if your gonna who're yourself out, may as well make it worth it right? Hehehe!!