So confused

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I was just diagnosed with GD, and today is my first day testing my sugar. I woke up with a fasting level of 66. After a breakfast of eggs, kale, and tomatoes, it only went up to 70. I tested again an hour and a half after eating a pear and a string cheese (as an experiment- I wanted to see what fruit did to me) and my glucose was only at 80.
Is this user error? Is my meter wonky? Because from what I can tell, these are not diabetic numbers.
 I don't have an appointment with the diabetes educator until Wednesday, so I know I'm jumping the gun here. Is it possible to really only react to an intense dose of sugar, like from that awful drink? Because eating mostly normally (minus toast and sugar in my coffee) seems to do absolutely nothing to my blood glucose levels. 
Does this mean I should stop worrying and just lay off the junk food and I'll be fine? Because I really do like toast...