Baby Daddy Issues & I need help!😭

I’m currently 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant due March 1 with my baby boy. The baby’s father and I have been split up since I was 6 weeks pregnant because he cheated on me with the girl that he is currently engaged to. He has also gotten her pregnant and is due with their baby boy May 20. They are pot/pill heads. She keeps getting in trouble by her doctor because her urinalysis always comes back dirty. The baby daddy messages me MAYBE once a month. But every time he does he asks how I’M doing and expects me to tell him every detail of my life. And gets mad when I don’t. He hasn’t asked if I needed help with anything, which I don’t I’ve gotten everything by myself without his help, but I wouldn’t mind him asking. He doesn’t even have anything for his house. When he does message it always turns into an argument. Doesn’t matter how civil I try to be. I’m not going to tell him when I’m in labor and still debating if I even want him to come to the hospital. The baby isn’t going to have his last name and I don’t want him on the birth certificate. He says he cares and that he is going to be there. But I don’t believe one word of it because he hasn’t done anything to prove it. He knows NOTHING about a baby. Especially a newborn. I’m just trying to do what’s best for my baby. I don’t want him around pot smoke or even cigarette smoke. The baby daddy was a former meth addict. He still associates and hangs out with all of his dope friends too. That’s all he does ALL day long. Is smoke pot, dabs, take/snort pills, does acid from time to time. He even sells the shit. And drinks all the time. He tries to act like some wannabe “thug.” His priorities are drugs. He was definitely NOT my type and I have no idea why on earth I got with him and stayed with him for that matter. I guess I was just scared because he was kind of abusive. Not so much physically. But he was emotionally and mentally. And if he didn’t get what he wanted, he made it happen... but I’m the complete opposite and have my head on my shoulders. Plan on going to college soon. And can pass any kind of drug test any given day. I don’t even have a history of drugs. Hell I hardly even drink alcohol (when I wasn’t pregnant). I don’t want my baby boy to be around any of the crap that his father associates with. & I know it’s horrible to say, but a part of me doesn’t even want him around his father.. I want sole custody. With or without supervised visitation. I’m just so lost on what to do & what the right thing to do is. I’m absolutely petrified. Any help, guidance, & advice would be so appreciated...Thank you so much.😞❤️