Hi there ! I’m 20 and I’m still virgin. Sometimes I feel stupid about it because I hear lot about sex from my friends and there are also joking about it. I don’t think& care about it ..The main thing because I never did it it’s fact,that every man what I met wanted just one thing-SEX. I could did it too many times but I feel that is no right for me.

But I’m not waiting for a miracle or have a big expectations because I never felt in love with someone (maybe like a child but those platonic loves hh) I don’t trust them..

And sometimes I feel really terrible cus when I have my ovulation days it’s pretty hard cause I can feel how I’m horny. I don’t know how it will going but sometimes I feel that’s normal,natural thing but I can’t do it without loving somebody

I read this today : God has not given us the spirit of fear

But the spirit of love looking like it's not here..

How Am I feeling so bad ?