Am I being played?


I met this dude on bumble in early December and we started talking and went on a date. We really clicked. This guy is a total nerd, totally not the kind of guy you’d think would play you or whatever. We kept talking and just really enjoy each other’s company.

He got out of an engagement last year, like 8/9 months ago. She was really mean to him and put him down a lot and he was just unhappy in general, yanno? So now he’s cautious, which I get. I am too, haven’t been in a relationship in two years. It was awful.

So like two weeks ago, maybe a little more now, I asked if he thought he was ready for a relationship cause we discussed it and it’s what we both want in the end. But at the time he said he needed to be more confident in himself because he’s really afraid he’s gonna end up fucking stuff up. He’s already insecure a lot (which I am too) and we both ask “do u hate me” a lot just to make sure yanno? Like I know how he feels. He’s got anxiety and depression and it messes with him, but he’s on meds.

So he’s insecure and I feel like he either is having trust issues, commitment issues, or he’s just scared shitless. Which we both have said that we were scared to get into a relationship again. Shit is scary once you’ve been treated bad.

A few days ago I asked if he was in the same place or not, and he said he kinda was, but that he’s really been working on it. He says “I see potential for us. I really can see a future with you, something real. I just don’t want to fuck it up or rush it. I wanna be confident enough in myself.”

Which alright I get it. But it’s been like five weeks now. Then again, we’ve literally known each other for five weeks. But like we’ve done intimate stuff, and when we are around each other he’s alllllll over me and calls me baby and has had me stay all night at his place.

I don’t know if I’m being impatient since I’ve literally known him just over a month, or if I’m being played. I don’t know if I should give him more time, or end it.

Please give me some feedback!!