Advocate for yourself!!


I just had to share my most recent experience so hopefully none of you run into this in the future.

I have had a really rough first trimester (still on the struggle boat at 9w 4d) with severe food aversions,nausea, and vomiting. I posted last week that I was prescribed medication and felt bad for taking it.

I spoke to my mother-in-law and she encouraged me to talk to my doctor. I called them yesterday. I told the. That my pharmacist told me to use the drug sparingly and only provided me 9 pills which I had been spacing out thinking it was intentionally a low amount of medication so I would use it sparingly. Turns out my insurance company and the pharmacist limited my supply. My doctor had prescribed me 30 pills and wanted me to take them as needed especially when fluids or any foods would not stay down. My insurance determined that I should only get 9 and the pharmacist agreed.

The nurse was appalled. I am so grateful to her because she listened and at the end of her work day stayed late to make sure a different medication would be preapproved and I would be able to take it twice daily until my first trimester is over to get me through the hump.

I cried after I got off the phone with her and almost immediately got a call from my pharmacist that although they didn’t have the full 60 pills then they would have them in tomorrow.

Never ever forget that you are your and your baby’s advocate!

I have lost almost 8 lbs in 4 weeks. I have had no energy to do anything. I’m hoping this will finally allow me to eat and drink like a real human.