Im ready for a baby but is my partner?


I’m 23 as is my boyfriend, and we have been together for a little over 6 years. For years I’ve wanted to start our family, but for financial reasons we haven’t taken that next step. I feel like we’re at a good spot, we’re both making good money and we’ve been in our apartment going on our third year. He obviously knows this is what I want, I talk about it nonstop and he says this is also what he wants but every time we have sex he pulls out. We agreed at 22 we would start trying but obviously 22 has came and went. I have been off of birth control for 3 years which he’s aware of. Recent he’s started saying he wants to wait until we’re in a house, which is fair but he also said if he was sure we’d be in a house within the next could years then we would try but the odd thing is we already talked about looking for a house in the spring/summer. It all seems like an excuse to me but I need advice. My womb aches as I wait for a miracle that seems like is never coming.