Where did my supportive DH go?


I feel so alone lately. Although we were both on board for continuing to expand our family, it's like after we found out we were expecting twins my DH has become withdrawn, resentful and cold. I feel terrible and exhausted; he hints I might be faking or over reacting.

He's super emotional about stuff I can't seem to help (like if he doesn't get home for dinner until 8, the 3 year old and I have already eaten because no way we can wait that long.) It just seems like for every step I take in the right direction, we take two giant steps back.

We aren't having sex (I feel just way too nauseated to want anyone touching me) so maybe that's part of it. But whatever the reason, we just aren't seeing eye to eye anymore.

Hoping 2nd trimester gets us back on even ground. :(