Is this for real?

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Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together for two years, living together for 6 months In a house we bought, (not that it matters lol) about three 1/2 years ago, I went through treatments/ surgery for second stage of ovarian cancer on top of cysts that were on my ovaries. After surgery I was told my future of conception would be slim. When I mean slim I mean, I was only producing 25% on left side and 75% on the right with fertility treatments to help conceive. (that was accurate as of December of 2014), so naturally because I was single and not expecting to meet my soon to be fiancé, I asked to be put on the Mirena iud April 26 2012. I do have a five year old and he was born healthy and he's completely healthy in 2009. After being on the iud for that long, I kept going back for check ups and tests. As of July 2015, my results came back that I am producing 99% on my right and 75% on my left, without any cancerous cells or cysts on my ovaries.(GREAT NEWS!) Now my question is, somehow or another my iud fell out or came out who knows when(we both checked for strings and usually he can feel them); while going through all of that in 2012 I never had a period since. We do not use protection either, because A. My iud B. My past with my ovarian cancer/knowing I was partially infertile. As of yesterday, I have been throwing up everything I eat aside from ice chips and chicken. Nausea, dizzy, very Light cramps in my lower back. Today I started spotting light pink. Is this possibility for pregnancy? If so we are excited! But if not that's okay too. Just wondering if it's possible I am pregnant. We haven't done a HPT and AF never paid her visit. Just looking for answers before going to my gyno.