I think..

I reached my breaking point. LO is only a week old, & I found myself uncontrollably crying my eyes out in the back seat of the car last night on our way home from target. I couldn't stop. My husband went back to work only 3 days after he was born.. Yes, we need the $... But we could have made it work a week  or so... And the stress of caring for our 4yo daughter & our new baby boy has finally taken its toll. My husband leaves at 330 am & doesn't return till 7/730 pm. It's hard to wrap my mind around his dad making him work so many hours so far away from home when it's clear I need the support at home. I feel like I'm neglecting my daughter every time I pick up our son. It hasn't been an easy week. Having latching issues.. And as soon as I hit comfortable with pumping & feeding he latched for every feeding that day. Hubby is just not getting how I feel. & im trying to be calm and fell himself  cause I really feel like he's the only one I can tell. I don't want to worry my mom or family & I don't want to admit to my friends I can't handle it. I'm so stuck..😪