Feeling unsure.

Currently my fiancé and I are both national guard. 
I joined almost 4 years ago, my fiancé joined about 2 years ago. We have been together almost two years but have been friends for a long time. After she finished AIT she got sent to my unit so we are currently in the same platoon. I am getting out on a medical discharge because I got hurt during training but she has about 4 years left of her NG contract. 
She desperately wants to go active duty but I am scared for her. I know there is a risk of us getting deployed now but I think it would be harder if we were living on a base. 
I know we would be able to handle it because our love is strong and we have made it through plenty of hard times. I am just scared to lose her because she is really the only person I have in my life. 
I want to support her in any and everything she wants to do, but I am struggling with this.