Confused, depressed, defeated

Amber • Mommy to Bryce 12/2/14 & Myla 5/29/17. Expecting baby #3 December 2019!
I am just finding this whole TTC thing awful! I have a 28 day cycle. 3rd month TTC. I have been trying to keep track of cervical mucus, position, my temperature, and I have been using opks.. I feel like my cm always feels the same (always damp), Tuesday I had a little ew cm in the morning but it was gone by afternoon. As far as the position of my cervix, I have no freaking clue! I really don't understand it.  My temp has stayed the same sitting between (97.18-97.6) all month. This month I got a high reading on my opk Sunday cd 12, peak Monday & Tuesday cd 13 & 14. So I should have ovulated, but my temp did nothing! The past 2 days I had cramps in my right side. Idk I just feel everything that is supposed to happen during ovulation isn't happening to me. Does anyone else feel the same ? I already want to give up & it's only month 3.. :(