I died Wednesday


Wednesday my heart stopped figuratively when I found out my bf and father of our five month old was cheating on me. He cheated with multiple women the entire relationship. The. Whole. Time. I moved out same day I found out. He begging for a chance to make it right no matter the cost. My question is this... has anyone’s relationship ever survived or even improved after taking back a cheating SO. We just fucking bought a house together and was only in it 3 weeks before this shit and I moved out. Talking about “if only I had someone to come home to” guess me and your baby ain’t shit huh! Now he coming crying to me and my parents I fucked up give me another chance to prove myself to you. You did. The last three years you cheated on me! He brought a baby into it knowing damn well this coming to the surface would destroy our family. Can he change or once a cheater always a cheater.