(UPDATE X2)❗️❗️❗️HELP PLEASE❗️❗️❗️

I am going to go out on a limb here and ask for some advice. If anyone has gone through this and has any helpful advice it would be GREAT. My sister and her boyfriend take care of his 15 month old daughter together. The babies mother hasn’t been in the picture since she was 4 months old. There was a DHS case open against her mother for abuse. She would get angry about the baby crying and hit, scratch, bite and yell at her. After the case was opened she abandoned the baby all together and left her father and his family to care for her. My sister and him have been together since she was 6 months old and stepped up into that roll of mother since hers was nowhere to be found. Anyways, they are in the beginning process of starting a custody battle for the baby. Her mother hasn’t been worried about seeing her until about a week ago. She isn’t supposed to be allowed to see her until after the court hearing for fear that she will take off with the baby. Her father dropped her off with his mother for the night and was going to pick her up when he got off work today. Her mother showed up and waited till her grandmother went to the bathroom and took off with the baby. The police have been contacted and they say there is nothing they can do. It was been around 8 hours since anyone has seen either one of them. Every lead they are given has came to a dead end. She is also believed to be with her boyfriend who is strung out on drugs and a recent ex-con. We believe that she is in danger due to the prior abuse and the messages she has sent to both my sister and my sisters boyfriend. We are at a dead end of what to do, she has cut off all contact from anyone with ties to my sister and her boyfriend. We are desperate for advice and very worried about the wellbeing of this baby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


We are still looking for the baby, it’s been nearly 22 hours since she has taken off. Her father and my sister were out with a group of people nearly all night long looking for her. They were basically going around in circles without any luck. He met with his lawyer and 9 this morning and is still talking to him. He also is filling for emergency custody and is getting all paper work he can. They will then take everything back to the police in hopes that they will do something after the emergency custody is filed. The baby has a few food allergies, is very lactose intolerant and has extremely sensitive skin to wipes and diapers. These are things her mom doesn’t know. She messaged the babies dad last night and said “what is this?” With a picture of a very horrible diaper rash. She’s also saying there are scratch marks and bruises on the baby, that’s not how she left my sister or her grandmother. Our biggest fear was her abusing her the way she did when she was little and unfortunately it looks like that might be the case. He saved the messages and showed the lawyer (along with everything else) that will also be shared with her case worker and police. They also have pictures that the mom posted on Facebook last night of the baby in a car seat, this car seat is VERY old and definitely expired (I’ll attach a photo of a similar car seat) they are also going to use that against her considering that putting a baby in an expired car seat is grounds for child endangerment. Thank you for the kind words and the prayers, we just want this very sweet baby home. I will update with more info as it comes in.

❗️❗️❗️UPDATE ❗️❗️❗️

Alright y’all, baby girl is home where she should be. Court actions are being taken and that’s all I can say on the subject as of now. She is safe and sound in the arms of her father. Thank you for the advice and the prayers, we truly appreciate them.