Am I being unfair !!!

So I have this neighbour and I brought a car off him a few weeks ago and the agreement was too pay a certain amount every fortnight which ive been doing haven’t missed a payment but then this week long story short I have a little girl and myself and her dad have separated did some time ago and out of no where he has filed to take me to court so obviously had to get lawyers involved which was expensive and out of everything of course I instantly paid the lawyer and there will be thousands I will have to fork out yet to come

So I text the guy next door that I’ve known for years and said look I have had a rough run this week and do not have the money for the remaining $300 I owe for the car can I gradually give u the remaining as I’ve already had to fork out over $3000 for lawyers and legal documents etc

And he is now carrying on saying no u said u would have it this week I’m sick of this shit I know I said that I would but this was unexpected. What do I do ladies ??