Baby is 5 months & I'm so Sleep Deprived


I know there's no such thing as sleep once a baby is born, but omg it is so hard when you're doing all the night wakings and feedings, etc, by yourself!!! My daughter is not sleeping on her own yet either, and she's a catnapper. I am beyond exhausted. Some days I physically feel nauseous from how sleep deprived I am. It's made me super forgetful, and gives me a weird dreamlike state sometimes too. (And that's not even including my depression). I keep feeling every day that I don't know much more I can take. I love my daughter sooo much, but this is beyond hard.

I have a Parent-Infant class on Saturdays with my daughter, and I'm the only single parent there. I'm the only one yawning and with really bad dark circles in there. I always think how lucky those women are to have their husbands to help them. This sleep deprivation has literally aged my face, so now I look older.

Has any mama gone through the same or is going through it now? Any ways to cope? I feel so alone!! ☹️