I’m not so happy

Kayleigh • 20, in a relationship with the love of my life👫 My son, Jackson💙

So my baby’s 5 weeks old; I’m definitely 100% pregnant again already been confirmed with bloods🙈, my partners said if I keep this baby he’s leaving and doesn’t want nothing to do with it, but he’ll have our son we got now every other weekend😡, I haven’t said I’m keeping this one but I haven’t said I’m getting rid, my minds all over the place I don’t actually agree on abortions but one reason I’m thinking get rid is because we did use a condom and it split so it wasn’t like I had unprotected sex and now regret it, however my mind isn’t set on that but since it’s been confirmed my partners just sat on the Xbox every day, barely helped out with our son been getting moody for no reason with me and making me feel like shit that it’s just pushing me away from him anyway he isn’t even waking up in the night and gets stressed if the baby does wake him, I really don’t know what to do it’s making me feel like I’ve done wrong, I’m doing wrong with our son and I should just not bother so I asked if he’d be okay with Jackson our son for an hour whiles I went out just to meet my cousin and talk and his reply was yeah don’t come back I’ll bolt the door so you can’t get in and you can just leave me and my son to it, what am I supposed to do😔