Stopping breastfeeding


I’ve decided that breastfeeding has become of physically & emotionally draining for me as there has been a lot of pain & discomfort. I was diagnosed with mastitis a week ago & have been taking my antibiotics, but now the other side is hurting. I went in & there’s no sign of mastitis in that breast. I still chose to continue to try & breastfeed, as its only been one month. With all of the discomfort & stress I’ve chosen to stop, I know I’ll miss it but it’s not worth all of the pain & stress for me or baby! I’ve decided to wean off of breastfeeding. Today I replaced one feeding with a bottle & 2-3 days I’ll replace another.

With replacing that one feeding it’s seems like my breasts have become more engorged & it’s hard to get them to go down or even empty all the way, even after feeding baby. Any tips or ideas that would help me?

I’ve tried the cabbage, gel/cold packs, & showers. Nothing is really taking the pain away at all.