Anybody else on their two week wait?!


Basically wanted to touch bases with you guys. The more informative and outgoing we are about the topic and how we’re trying to conceive after a loss, the more information we can put out there for someone who really needs it. So back in November 17’ I had a mmc. I didn’t immediately get back on birth control and had actually been trying with no success of conceiving. On a whim, with my emotions all over the place, I decided to get the Depo shot August 2018. That was not the first time I’ve had the shot, so I’m very well aware of side effects and issues with fertility after coming off the shot. Somehow, I was still having baby fever and couldn’t shake the idea of continuously missing the opportunity in which I could possibly get pregnant, so decided once again that birth control wasn’t the answer 😂. So in October when it was time to get another shot, I switched birth control methods and got on the pill. I had one bc pill induced cycle around November. I just knew that my body wasn’t on track so I began to research ways to detox the body of hormones after stopping brith control, specifically, Depo Provera shot! I ran across many articles about Vitex and decided to give it a try. It gave me my period less than two weeks of taking it, it was a normal cycle with a normal flow, however, I’m not sure that I ovulated that cycle. Fast forward to my period in January, which was also normal, however I ovulated this cycle on Feb 2. I’m so excited and can not express how overjoyed I am. Is any of you other ladies on your two week wait? I’m 2dpo, which is too early for any symptoms! Please feel free to ask any questions I don’t mind answering. Informative information and experiences is also welcomed.