When to introduce vitamins

This is just a curious question I'm buying me and my husband's monthly vitamins and I couldn't help but think when to introduce them to a child my daughter is only 10 months old so I'm sure not yet she's also breastfed just curious as to when I can introduce a vitamin to her I'm getting me and my husband the natures medley to go along with everything else that we take and I seen some for kids is it okay to introduce it once she turns a year old or is that not the proper vitamin to introduce or should I get something along the Flintstones children's vitamin not trying to say this to be rude but there's always somebody that comments that has something disrespectful to say and I don't really want to hear it if you don't have nothing nice to say and for some reason you just happen to find something rude save it for yourself please and to everybody else thank you for your time