Sometimes i just sit down and cry

I decided to write here because I don't know who to actually tell this to. But sometimes I just cry. I mean it usually happens about a week before my period. I literally cry like a baby for the most stupid reason. I do have depression and anxiety. But see today I cried because my husband has not picked up the poop on my from yard of his dog. And I mean there is a lot there. And I have been telling him to but he just told me I'ma not going Todo anything because it's wet outside. So I just started to cry and cry and cry. Like I was dropping big fat tears . And then I remembered I was trying to stay stress free and happy this month because I been ttc for the last 8 months and I believe it has not happen because of that so now im crying more. It sucks!! Do you guys ever just cry ? Im sorry this is probably a stupid post but I just needed to get that out. I mean I feel horrible right now.