March 1st due date.. any ladies with me?


My due date is March 1st and want to see how many ladies are experiencing the same things as me! Currently 36+3 and wishing this pregnancy was over. So depleted of energy. I have the worst insomnia and some days I can't get anything accomplished! I have the worst back pain which makes sleeping or sitting awful! I have my first "weekly" check up with my midwife this Thursday! Hoping she checks me as I'm pretty sure baby girl is engaged! I've been using the yoga ball for 3+ days for bouncing and rolling to open my pelvis, in hope's it will assist in an easier birth!

Braxton hicks are so real and never had them with my other 2 this much at all! Please tell me someone is as miserable as me right now 😂😂😭😭😭

Oh and DH prob feels so deprived as sex sucks right now due to being so uncomfortable/ huge and miserable 😂😂🙄