I promised myself no one would know..

Kay • Momma to 2 humans and 3 fur babies 💕 blighted ovum and forced miscarriage Sept 2018 💔 currently pregnant with my rainbow

I had a miscarriage last September and it was the worse most nightmare-ish experience ever. It was terrible, absolutely terrible and very dragged on. Our doctor encouraged us to try again after one cycle but I got discouraged when aunt flow constantly came to visit.

Monday AF was supposed to show but didn't. I thought maybe she was late, so I wore dark leggings and put my diva cup in my purse just in case. But she didn't arrive yesterday either. I haven't really 'felt pregnant' symptom wise, except achy boobs, so I thought well... maybe my cycle is just off. But the past week I've had a pregnancy mindset. 'This is what I'll do when the baby gets here' 'that would be a good baby name' etc, even going as far yesterday as randomly calling myself pregnant which I had to stop and correct myself.

I figured I just wanted this so bad that my mind was playing games on me. I told myself last night I would take a test in the morning and had that little voice tell me that I already knew the answer.

So I tested this morning and....

Ladies it looks like my mind was trying to tell me something!

Before I tested this morning I told myself I wouldnt tell anyone, but I couldnt resist telling you guys and my best friend ❤