The neighbors !!!! Stealing our pets

They stole my moms miniature poodle and he was out for less than 3 mins. Last night!! And that thing cost $600 🤯🤯🤯Plus it not no surprise when I was younger they stole my kitten. And up until last year the cat reappeared and the neighbors said her bf gave her the cat a couple of years back. Which was total bullshit ! Her bf would never go over because her family didn’t like him. So suddenly when they broke up the cat appears again. I’m thinking she took the cat to his apartment. The cat has a unique pattern on his coat plus scar on its nose. So I know it was my cat.

Not to mention !!! My sister left Her car parked in front of their house. And they always park there but she happen to park there that day. And when she went to put in her car she noticed the cars bumper was hit and dented.

I’m point the finger because they are always posted in front of their yard. Like king of the hill getting drunk. Peeing near our driveway. And on thanksgiving they knocked down the corner street light which the city hasn’t replaced.

So very annoyed with that whole family 🙄 they are so petty that that girl that stole my cat originally. is pregnant but yet a friend of hers wrote my sister a little saying that, that girl would that shit about my sisters and my niece.

And what do we do you ask? Ignore them. Until they start peeing on our bricks . So we call the cops.