So anxious

Breana • Had my rainbow on 12.4.19 💕🌈 Miscarried 12.14.18 👼🏼

This is my first time ttc since our MC in December and I’m so nervous because I’ve gotten vvvvfl the past few days and don’t know why they aren’t getting darker. My first vfl were 7-8 dpo, then I had a couple yesterday at 10 dpo, now this morning I’m not getting any lines.. still waiting on Aunt Flo but it’s nerve racking. I’m cramping very lightly this morning as well, felt sick all afternoon yesterday and cried because I spilt my fiancé’s drink by accident... (definitely some pregnancy hormones in there) but do the lines get more sufficient after af is expected?? Praying This one sticks but I can’t get a full positive for the life of me. No bleeding or spotting! Somebody please explain! Keep my hopes up! Something! 🌈👶🏼💕