Mixed Feelings


I am elated to have had a surprise positive test on Wednesday, and my hubby and I have been on cloud nine since, but part of me is still sad being on this app again and seeing so many posts from women who are as far along as I should have been at this time. I should be 2 weeks away from my first's due date, not starting the process all over again.

At the same time I'm so incredibly thankful that we now have a new little one growing and to take away some of the pain of this first missed due date on 2/23, I had such anxiety post-D&C because we had conceived immediately on our first try and we had gone months without any positives. Now it's here, but we hadn't planned on conceiving last month so I could finally get an HSG for a more complete picture of my bicornuate/septate uterus (still not sure which one or the severity), but I guess our "little pumpkin" (October due date) had other plans! I just keep clinging to hope that this time things will be different, and that this pregnancy doesn't also end in loss.