Hateful Comments from big sister 😡

My big sister is 16 years older than I am and has always been like a second mother but lately her criticism has been over the top. She always offers unsolicited advice about everything from my clothes, my marriage, my house, hair, my career, and body. Yesterday I had her, my niece and other sister over for dinner and out of nowhere (in front of everyone) she asks me why I look 3 months pregnant and starts laughing. She then tried to play it off as fake concern asking to touch my stomach to see if there was a reason it was poking out. This comment really hurt my feelings because I have gained weight and can be self conscious about it. I then told her that I’m not pregnant (even though I really want to be) and that I’m just fat and ugly. She later apologized for hurting my feelings but I really am over her thinking that just because she is older and “always tells the truth” that she can say whatever she wants to people....rant over.