Is it normal to feel sick to your stomach when you need to ask for help? Please read. Idk why I am like this but I wanna know if I’m the only one? (Not sure if I posted in right group so plz move it if it’s not)

So recently me and my husband hit rock bottom. We live in Canada and my grandpa lives in Mexico. So recently he broke his hip bone and he’s 82. Cause it happened so unexpected we decided we’d go and visit him e make sure he was doing okay. He was in the hospital for a about a week due to his blood pressure they couldn’t operate on him😭 and he’s the only grandparent I have left. Then by the 2nd week he was back at his old folks home, handing out candy to my nieces and nephews that were all there😍 so by the time we got back rent was due. My husband was only getting paid after 3 weeks of working😭 I get paid every week but nothing more then 300 a week tops. Then about 3 days later one of our 2 cars break down, and of course it’s gonna need a large amount money to get it fixed. We could always carpool but our jobs are in different directions by an hour and we usually start at the same time so that doesn’t work😭😭. my husband is type 1 diabetic so his insulin with needles comes to a cost of $260.00 and we don’t even have the money for that cause we need money for food and pay the rest of rent with the little I get paid. So I called up my mom and asked if she would help cause we can’t go without the insulin. So of course she’s gonna help. But what my main question is, is okay to ask for help? I mean I asked with a gut sickening feeling like I could throw up any minute. Is that normal too? Thanks for anyone who read my long post. Any advice given is much appreciated!🙂