How would you feel if SO asks his ex to help pay a bill?

I’ve helped him a lot. I was paying his bills until I quit my job for a new one. I had enough money saved back to afford it bc he had a job at the time. Then he quit it. I’m waiting for the place to open up in March. I had to spend $500 for his breaks and rotars to get fixed. So that went some of my money. Anyways. He never asked for his ex to pay it but he’s always like “well you can’t help me and my grandma can’t” and another thing we had to go to his grandmas house to feed her animals while she went out of state. And he always comes up with an excuse to want to message his ex. He’s like “I could message someone to do the feeding but you’ll get mad” him and his ex have a history and she wants him back and blah blah. It’s annoying. She’s blocked and stuff. But how would you feel if your SO hinted to ask his ex something or have her help him? Been together almost 8 months. They were together like 6 years and were married