Bf mad at me because I didn’t wash the dishes


So yesterday my bf had told me to wash the dishes yesterday and I said ok. I was busy cleaning up everything else that was a mess then I went to go take a shower then went straight to sleep. So I’m at work and I realize I didn’t get to say happy valentines to my boyfriend so I texted him. His replies says “you forgot to wash the dishes last night 😒, now I have to wash it 🙄.” It is my fault for saying I would wash it but then I forgot. I get why he would be mad but he’s mad to the point that after that message he hasn’t even talked to me I even came home and said “hi babe,” and he wouldn’t even look or talk to me. I don’t do that little kid shit. It’s so immature and ungrateful because I do a lot of things for him. I wash his laundry, cook for him, I wait up for him to get off work so I know he got home safely even though I work early in the morning (he works closing shift), I’ve been trying to do better as a girlfriend and I try to spend as much time with him. Today’s Valentine’s Day and I wanted to get him something but he’s so ungrateful so why buy him something if he’s gonna bitch like a lil boy about forgetting to wash the dishes. I pick up after his mess, I always have to vacuum our room because he’s a messy eater. I’m just irritated because how childish can you be to really not talk to me because of dishes? FOH👋🏽.