Idk if this is a relationship or if he’s confused??


I’ve been seeing this guy since the beginning of December and we’ve been talking, a month ago I had asked him what he was looking for (Because I was actually try to get out there and meet someone I could potentially date, I’m not in a rush tho,) and he had told me that he was interested in me, but he didn’t want a relationship (I’m guessing at the moment?) but he wanted to fw me heavy (If y’all know what that means, at first I didn’t know what it meant lmao, I thought it was only for friendships) but I agreed because you know like I said I’m not tryna rush into anything I’m just causally looking I guess 😅 but anyways, I didn’t know it was that serious until about a week later? Now that I look at it I guess I basically cheated? Because after he said that I thought he was basically bullshitting me (We hadn’t met yet due to him leaving to go out of town and when he got back he was really sick,) so I ended up sleeping with a guy that I used to mess with, so my ex (I guess we’ll call him that for now lmao) really wanted me, and I ended up telling him about the new guy, and he kept telling me that he wasn’t being serious and that I should just leave him alone. Well I thought he was just being jealous so I went and asked the new guy about things I could do and couldn’t do, i asked if I could flirt with other people, and all that. And he asked me why would I wanna do that, and I was stuck because I’m like ... I didn’t know it was that serious 😬 so from that day forward till now I haven’t even texted my ex or any other guys. Since that day we have slept together only once and that’s about it, but he’s in the navy so he gets super busy during the day and I know he’s tired once he’s off, but he does text me everyday and so forth, but recently we had a fight because of my dumb emotions 🤦🏽‍♀️ because I thought he was trying to hit and quit but he wasn’t (He was just busy with work.) but now I’m thinking, what exactly are we? I told my friend about him and she’s all like “Y’all are together what are you talking about” and blah blah, I’m just like... I’m not going to say we’re together till he actually asks me to be his girlfriend you know? But y’all I’m confused! He calls me nicknames as if I were his girl and all that, and he doesn’t talk to other girls or anything like the way he’s talking to me and treats me, so I’m confused. Should I even keep talking to him?

When we were arguing I told him he was starting to mean a lot to me, and he really is, I feel so different when I talk to him or around him, its just different from what I’ve experienced. But I don’t want to get my hopes up, what do you guys think? Should I keep seeing him? Or am I just wasting my time 🤦🏽‍♀️