Snapchat friends saw you’re nudes?

There was one time I was sexting my boyfriend on Snapchat and we ended up sending pics to each other. Well, my dumbass accidentally put one of my pics as my STORY.

I was sending them individually so I didn’t even realize I set one as my story. It was a pic of me in a semi see-through shirt with my boobs showing and you could see me thong. Tell me why 6 people saw it and DIDN’T think to tell me that my nude was on my story!

The 7th person who saw my story, messaged me and asked me if I meant to put that on my story. To make matters was his brother who told me...


This happened last year and needless to say we’re not in a relationship anymore (for another reason). AND his brother messaged me a week later asking me out on a date multiple times. I politely declined each time, and blocked him on there’s that.

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