I don’t know how to get through to her

Amy • Mom to 4 beautiful girls. 3/3/10, 4/27/14, 4/8/17, 3/7/19.

My 8, almost 9 year old is so angry all the time unless she’s getting/doing what she wants. I feel like I can’t parent her because every time I say something it turns into this huge dramatic blowout. It’s exhausting. She has this favorite hat that she wears like every day (yes we wash it lol), I told her last night she needs to take it off when she gets home from school and let her head breath, and it turned into this huge argument to where everyone hates her, and she never does anything right, and yelling and screaming while her dad and I calmly tried to reason with her. Like I’m pregnant with my 4th girl...I’m not going to make it if this is how they’re all going to be. Help.