Possible bfp??


My OPK was peak on CD 17&18. Negative OPK on CD 19. Since 1/2 DPO, I have been having cramping like AF is going to show. But hasn't, instead, since 3/4 DPO, I've been experiencing (SORRY TMI) creamy brownish/pink cm. Yesterday, 6/7 DPO, my cramping got a little worse and I had the FAINTEST amount of pink on TP. Then, went right back to the creamy cm.  This is very unusual for me. Usually I have no cm at all. My cramping has been on and off since. My breasts were also sore immediately after ovulation up until yesterday, now not so much. This is my first femara 5mg cycle, CD 5-9. I previously had 3 unsuccessful rounds of clomid, and never experienced these symptoms other than sore breasts, which I've associated with post ovulation symptoms. Has anyone experienced this and gotten a bfp? I think the cramping and cm is a little unsual.. should I count myself out this month??