So im 12 days late negative test and cramping..

So i have taken a bunch of test all came out negative. I have been pretty regular since my daughter max was 5 days late. Now today im experiencing some cramping dull an sharp also have been heaving a clear boogery cm and its alot. I'm so confused i havent tested in a few days as i figured i wasn't pregnant but i just don't know. Other things i have been getting alot of dizzy spells today off an on headachs over the passed 2 weeks ish and same with peeing. What do you guys think? What should i do?

Can't go to the doctors hospital or clinic don't have insurance at the moment its being fixed. Don't have the extra money to pay cash to be seen either so just really looking to see what you ladies think might be going on.

Ill also add that all the test i took besides two ended up showing a evap line which i have never seen happen before.

Thank you in advance.