For new moms like my self

If you have to question what your experiencing on this app I recommend to just go straight to your doctor.

Still ask here if you feel like I do but please just go get checked.

I’m a ftm as well and just turned 35 weeks today and I have been having what I thought was Braxton Hicks contractions. Come to find out it was the real thing.

They had to stop them and give me steroids for baby’s lungs just Incase he come early.

If I was to have listened to the great advice (not being sarcastic) that I got from here I possibly could have went into labor.

Also if you fall, even a slight fall- go get checked by a doctor even if your not hurting.

I fell yesterday and wasn’t hurting but I was like wth I need to be seen from some of the stories I read in here. Come to find out we are ok but they kept me over night because your placenta can abrupt. Don’t know if you new moms knew that because I didn’t.

Also ANY touch of blood, even if you think it’s your mucus plug and also if there is a change in your urine color. GET CHECKED. I was told that even though they do cervix checks it may cause you to bleed some... one nurse told me it’s still better to get tested just to be sure there is nothing else going on.

My point of this is if there is any new moms out there with less knowledge of pregnancy like me it’s nice to have this app to vent and ask questions or to look on google , web md etc but still go get seen. These ladies had similar experiences but everyone is different. I just thought I’d make this post to share my opinions and what happened with me.