Some positivity 😄


I always thought that the third trimester would be the worst but so far it’s been my favorite! I feel like my hormones leveled out a bit. I’m just about 35 weeks and I am finally actually enjoying pregnancy. I love being so obviously pregnant and how kindly people treat me. I love the anticipation of the due date being literally next month instead of “I have 18 weeks left, meh”. I love the HUGE baby movements all the time especially since my anterior placenta made movements weaker at first, feeling outlines of feet and elbows and feeling little finger tickles down in my lap. I love going to appointments more than once a month. And I love actually having all of baby’s things and feeling like I’m making progress preparing instead of “wait til the baby shower” or “plenty of time left”. I love that people are saying “not too long now” when I tell them my due date instead of “dang, you have a while left”.

I didn’t even have morning sickness but first trimester was by far the worst: still summer and I suddenly couldnt drink or jet ski, the terror of miscarriage, not being used to pregnancy, headaches, insomnia, hormones and exhaustion and nobody knowing I was pregnant, not knowing the gender, can’t buy baby stuff yet, long months ahead...and then the second trimester draaaaaggged.