First IUI this month

Jessica • TTC # 1 since 2017 ♥️, 4 failed IUIs, 2 failed medicated/monitored cycles...IVF September 2019💉🧫...4 frozen embryos left ❄️, 1st FET ❌

Hi ladies,

It has been a very long and emotion 1.5 years, and this month was our first <a href="">IUI</a> cycle! I took hormone pills early in my cycle and a trigger shot on Tuesday. Our Dr. recommended back to back <a href="">IUI</a>’a so we had an <a href="">IUI</a> on Wednesday and Thursday. Hubby’s count was 16 million and 68% mobility on Wednesday and 10 million and 70% mobility on Thursday. His counts went down dramatically after washing (from 100 million to 16 million and 45 million to 10 million), but mobility went up by 30%+ each day. Is this normal and are these numbers good?

This is my first day with progesterone gel and I am really hoping for a miracle. This process is so draining both physically and mentally.

Wishing everything success and happiness.

🤞🤞to the awful TWW.