TMI!! Slight blocked Vagina shot.. abscess, zit, or hemorrhoid? Or something else? Help!

Gross. I know. I tried to block out as much as I could!

But idk if it’s worth calling the doc? Is this an abscess, zit, Or hemorrhoid?

Never had them before. I have had one child, in which I tore my perineum 2nd degree. But they are 2 now and I’ve never had problems before.

Anyone have any insight?? It hurts and is irritating, but not itchy at all. I am not constipated but very gassy... There’s an obvious white head? Also, I’m married with one partner who has no history of STI’s down there. We do both suffer from cold sores tho... and RARELY does he go down there.. if ya know what I mean because we are scared of transferring the cold sore virus. Maybe we weren’t cautious enough??

I am posting anonymously because well... I’m embarrassed.

Anyone have experience with something similar?

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